Everything’s a Widget

Google is coming up with new OS called “Fuchsia”. The UI is written with Flutter SDK. Then I checked the Flutter SDK site. It’s based on concept called Widget I remember a decade back when we use to use this term extensively even the android phones that time comes with widgets but in the process we forgot or bypassed the terminology to make a way for new things.

So widgets are back. Everything is reinventing itself.

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JAVA ToStringBuilder

Are you trying to generate a toString method which will show values of all fields in your dto or any java class.

Apache commons has very useful utility class ToStringBuilder Refer the JAVADOC

public String toString() {
   return ToStringBuilder.reflectionToString(this);


Try this.


Upgrading to new CDN Refrence

It is very important to remove old unused references from the page. I am referring HTML page here.

Say you are using some CDN JavaScript and once you added reference to new version of same JavaScript in the page.  There are many cases and is always good to have such upgrades. One can use new version for some new utility functions provided in new version.

Once you finalized to update new version, Ideally you should follow steps like.

1. Check if there is any deprecated method you are using in your page and update it using the specifications provided in new version.

2. Remove the old JavaScript reference completely and test your page for respective use.

3. Make sure things working in browsers.



Your site is SLOW

This is the message I got from the ad-word notification today…

53% of people leave sites taking over 3 seconds to load. Yours takes 9 seconds. Send less data to customers to make your site faster

site  This is the common problem with the websites of next generation. In order to provide more features to site we make is slower unintentionally.

There are many other issues that may make site slow but adding more content and data from server is one of the most possible.

Today’s development work follows agile software development and it comes with its won pros and cons.

Try to speed up your page loading time as much as you can. There are many preventive action you can take to do so

  • Reduce the page size – You can remove unwanted code from the page.
  • Use of lazy loading – Load what matters first and load everything remaining in ajax or JavaScript lazy loading methodologies
  • Proper UX analysis – UX analysis of the page is one more thing that must be performed after every feature upgrade to page.

Remember a Full-fledged web page development is as complex as a complete project. Take it seriously.